Disney World: Forsaken, Uninhabited, and Abandoned

Pseudonymous Seph Lawless, urban journeyman, presents another edition of his comprehensive series: Real Name of Abandoned Places.

Would you ever think that any establishment as popular as perhaps a Walt Disney attraction could ever be abandoned, left to rot, or without any nearby trace of civilization?

As documented by Wide Open Country, the household name Disney made an adamant decision to branch out to construct its first water-infused theme park. In 1976, River Country was established by Walt Disney in Orange County, Florida. The lifespan of the water park was short-lived; it announced its official closure in 2005. A detailed explanation was not announced to the public in regards to the park being closed.

In 1980, an individual acquired a bacterial infection from the swimming pool inside the water park. This may have contributed to the demise of River Country.

What is the status of River Country today?

Credits to adamthewoo from YouTube for this update on June 10, 2010. He was able to enter the premise by entering through an unlocked gate after surveying the forest perimeter.

As demonstrated in the first hand experience above,  venturing into private property is extremely dangerous, perilous, and treacherous.

Lawless has been prohibited from all properties owned by Disney since exposing the conditions of their treasured lands.

Seph Lawless’ real name is still unknown as of this very moment. His popular blog site reaches thousands of readers each day. Follow him on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook for daily interaction!



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